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We service most Northern, Eastern and Western Suburbs. See our Service Area list


  • Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm
  • Saturday 8:30am to 12:30pm
  • Closed:
    • Public Holidays
    • Easter
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    • New Year

House Calls by appointment. Please Call 08 8281 6400 to discuss.
We do our best to arrive as scheduled but traffic conditions, emergencies or other unforeseen circumstances will sometimes cause us to be late or need to reschedule.
House calls are scheduled to be as geographically close as possible, which means that we may not be available to be in your area on a given day.
Exceptions can be made for sick pets but may incur an emergency surcharge depending on the case in question and availability (i.e. rebooking other appointments to fit you in).


The charge for a House Call is $169.95 during normal office hours. This includes consulting the owner and the general examination of his/her pet. Required treatments, procedures and medications are not included in this fee and are charged accordingly.

House Call Fee

  • The House call fee includes: the visit to your home and the examination of your pet.
  • The House call fee is the same for ALL SUBURBS serviced.


  • Such as treatment, medications, surgery are charged separately.
  • Treatment options are discussed with the client prior to treatment.

Pet insurance

  • Have you considered Pet insurance to protect you from unexpected Bills? If so you should purchase the insurance while your pet is healthy. Google Pet insurance for a comprehensive listing of insurance possibilities.

Services in the home

In general a Vet can do in your home what a Dr can do you for you in his clinic. Just like in human medicine: If further treatment is required involving a surgery or hospitalisation, referral to a clinic is often necessary.

List of things we can do at your home:

House Calls, home consultation, health checks, heart checks, ear checks, general wellness checks, skin checks, dental checks, eye checks, nose checks, nail checks, sedation, nail clips, fur clips, lameness checks, orthopaedic checks, puppy vaccinations, kitten vaccinations, immunization, adult pet vaccinations, microchipping, wound checks, worming, flea treatments, worm treatments, wing clipping, bird checks, avian medicine, blood testing, blood taking, Senior checks, arthritis checks, knee checks, orthopaedic checks, lameness examinations, anal glands, ear treatments, worm treatment, some dental extractions, grass seed removal, skin treatment, heart treatment, eye treatments, sample taking, urine collection, swabs for culture are all things that can be performed while the Vet is at your house examining your pet in its own environment and treatment by medication is available at the time of the house call.

Some conditions or procedures require a clinic environment. Vets on Wheels provides transport to Dr Kens Vet Clinic for treatments, day surgery or hospitalisation if needed.

List of conditions requiring a clinic: (Dr Ken's Vet Clinic)

De-sexing surgery i.e. Spey, Castration, neutering

Radiological examination i.e. x-rays

Orthopaedic Surgeries such as Cruciate Ligament repair, Luxating Patella correction and fracture management/repair.

Dentistry involving General Anaesthesia such as dental/tooth extractions

Routine surgeries include: lump removals, skin cancer removals, biopsies, wound repairs, difficult grass seed removals, cat fight abscesses, hernia repair, and anal gland abscess management. Other conditions that are commonly managed successfully at Dr Kens Vet Clinic are entropion, cherry eye, aural hematoma, extra dew claws,

Major surgeries: Gastric Dilation Volvulus (BLOAT), Cesarian Section, Foreign Body removal, twisted bowel, infected uterus or pyometra, and gall bladder surgery are some examples.

Conditions that require hospitalisation:

Emergency care, poisoning, intoxication, envenomation, snake bite, tick bite, insect bite, spider bite, car accidents, shock requiring fluid therapy, dehydration, severe infection, Diabetes management i.e. glucose curve, severe diarrhoea, Parvo, Distemper, Hepatitis, Cat Flu, Feline enteritis, seizures, epilepsy, dog fights, cat fights, and many other conditions need hospitalisation to treat them effectively.

More details on our Mobile Vet Services

At Home Euthanasia

Putting your pet to sleep

Deciding “when is it time” is one of the hardest decisions any Vet has to make. I’ve been a Vet for over 25 years and it still hasn’t gotten any easier after all this time. The same is true for every pet owner out there. I have met many people over the years and it just isn’t an easy thing to deal with.

As a mobile vet coming to owners homes, at home Euthanasia is something I am asked to do very often. Probably because it allows your pet to spend its last moments in the comfort of his/her familiar surroundings and near family and loved ones.

The most common question I get asked concerning Euthanasia  is “how do I know when it is time”. The best answer that I have ever been able to give is “ it all depends on quality of life”.

If you get the feeling that your pet suffering and no longer enjoying life then trust your inner voice and get some advice from a Vet to help you make that decision. Even just talking about this can help and you will know what to do when the time is right.

If you are in this situation and aren’t sure or just plain want someone to talk to please feel free to call 08 82816400 and I will make time to talk with you.


Ken Robinson