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If you can't take your pet to the vet, why not bring the vet to your pet?

Established in 1998 Vets on Wheels is a mobile veterinary service dedicated to bring veterinary care to pet owners homes.

Dr Ken Robinson started the handy service because during his time as an emergency vet a lot of people used to ring asking for house calls.

The reasons for this are many. Some people don't have transport. Your dog may be too heavy to lift into the car. There are those cats that seem to have a talent for disappearing on appointment day. Some animals get car sick, are incontinent, too old and or too sick to be transported. The number one reason given by callers is that they want to avoid stressing their pet by making the trip in the car.

My first four years in practice were in the country, so I did a lot of driving/flying and house calls. When we moved to Adelaide people would call for home visits but I had to turn them down. Eventually I just put two and two together and started Vets on Wheels. The response has been tremendous and we are now servicing over 4000 clients!”

Vets on Wheels home vet service is also backed up by a fully equipped Veterinary Clinic owned by Dr Ken Robinson.

Dr Ken's Vet Clinic 39 McIntyre Road, Para Hills West.

To make an appointment or to discuss the needs of your pet call Dr Robinson on 08 8281 6400.

Dr Ken Robinson Vet