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Para Hills is very close to Para Hills West, the home of Dr Kens Vet Clinic and Vets on Wheels. This is what makes Para Hills special to Dr Kens Vet Clinic. Para Hills has been served by Dr Ken for over 20 years. Vets on Wheels provides Mobile care not only to Para Hills and Para Hills West but also to a large portion of the Adelaide area and Northern Suburbs. “As a friendly local Small Animal practice the main focus is on getting to know our patients which improves long term prevention and care as well as adding that personal touch.”

Dr Ken has provided some exclusive tips just for Para Hills on how to maintain pet’s health. Check out the list below:

  • Exercise your pet.
    Enabling your pet to move for longer periods around the neighbourhood of Para Hills provides your pet to move all its muscles. Just like humans, your pets need to exercise on a regular basis.
  • Feed your pet a balanced meal.
    Giving your pet multiple big scoops of dog food can be dangerous to your pets health. It’s hard to resist a cute face but it is necessary to maintain a regular balanced meal. Talk to Dr Ken, Shannon or Mel at Vets on Wheels to discuss how to keep the fun in eating properly. Check out this website for more information and a detailed scale of how much you should feed your pet at: Are You Feeding Your Dog the Right Amount?
  • Preventing your pet from getting parasites, worms and fleas will benefit your pet and encourage a better mood, if your pet has been a little grumpy. Dr Ken does affordable flea treatment at home or at clinic and can happily book you in by calling the number below.

Interesting Veterinary Facts: FIV in Para Hills.

Anywhere cats roam freely immunizing for FIV is highly recommended and Para Hills is no exception. FIV or Feline Immunodeficiency Virus is not contagious to humans. The majority of FIV positive cats are undesexed males or Tom Cats.

Also called Feline AIDS it is spread by cats fighting each other for a mate or territory. While desexing reduces the chances of your cat contracting FIV, vaccination is really the only way to ensure protection.

If your cat roams freely at night and you would like to make a booking to get protection for FIV or have any questions regarding this disease please feel free call Dr Kens Vet clinic in Para Hills West on 08 82816400 and we will be happy to talk to you.

Other Services available by Vets on Wheels are home visits, home vaccinations, home microchipping, home treatments, home examinations, animal transport to clinic, in clinic desexings, blood testing as well as in clinic x-rays/radiographic imaging.

So why not give Dr Ken a call if you have any questions regarding your pet and his or her health on 08 8281 6400 or feel free to visit his Clinical website at or for more information on Dr Ken coming to your house visit

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