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Dr Ken has been treating dogs and cats in the area of Mawson Lakes for the past 20 years. Mawson Lakes is special to Dr Ken and Vets on Wheels as he has many patients and clients in Mawson Lakes. When doing home visits in Mawson Lakes Dr Ken's Vets on Wheels commonly treats Eye and Ear problems. Before calling Dr Ken, below is a checklist of the signs that your pet may have that can indicate Eye and Ear problems.

Eye Problems

  • Red Eyes
  • Reoccurrence of Watery Eyes

Ear Problems

  • Your pet may shake their head
  • Redness in the ears
  • Unpleasant odour

Not so much Fun Fact: If your pet isn’t treated for Glaucoma (an eye disease) immediately, he or she may lead to permanent blindness. However, this can be quickly solved if you check the above checklist and give Dr Ken a ring on 08 8281 6400.
Other services provided are vaccinations, desexings, microchipping home euthanasia and old aged care as well as hospitalisation and transport to his clinic in Para Hills West.
Located in Para Hills West, Adelaide Vets on Wheels is only 10 minutes away and has complete clinic backup from Dr Kens Vet Clinic.

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